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BF3's Back to Karkand Destroys the Classics

 Walking through Battlefield 3's version of Strike at Karkand is like pulling burnt pictures from the ashes of a house fire. The photos are familiar and full of memories, but the edges are charred by flames and smoke -- in the case of online warfare this is perfect. 



Battlefield 3' DLC 'Back to Karkand' gameplay video

Battlefield 3's upcoming DLC pack 'Back to Karkand' has been given a video preview.

EA and DICE have released gameplay footage from the upcoming add-on, which will be available to download next month.

'Back to Karkand' features new weapons, vehicles, persistence, maps and the return of Conquest Assault. It will be available for free to customers who preordered their copy of Battlefield 3.


Modern Warfare 3' new modes detailed

MW 3 will feature new multiplayer modes which are detailed in the latest trailer.
 Kill Confirmed will be similar to team deathmatch, but rather than collecting points by kills, players must collect dogtags dropped by fallen enemies to score.
 Team Defender plays similarly to Halo's popular oddball mode. Teams fight over a single flag, scoring points for the amount of time the flag is held by their team.
 Customization will be available for all multiplayer modes, allowing players to turn off perks and killstreaks as well as set class and weapon restrictions. Custom game settings can be uploaded online through Call of Duty:Elite
 and shared with friends.



Battlefield 3' has large day-one patch

 Battlefield 3 screenshot

Battlefield 3 will have a patch on its day of release.

The Xbox 360 version of the game will see a 167MB patch, which will go live for tomorrow's North American launch, according to

While the patch is assumed to target Battlefield 3's online multiplayer, lead designer David Goldfarb said that it will add all the "final stuff" to the game.

It is not known whether the PC and PlayStation 3 versions will see similar updates upon release.


Battlefield 3' new multiplayer trailer

 Battlefield 3 has been given a new multiplayer trailer.

The video shows base jumping on map Damavand Peak, as well as vehicular play using tanks and helicopters.

It also highlights many of the new maps revealed recently by DICEand teases the content included in pre-order bonus Back to Karkand.


'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' - Preview

 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' - Preview

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the latest in a string of tactical online shooters from Valve Corporation. The series has made quite a name for itself in the past, providing a thinking man's alternative to its genre counterparts. Valve has stuck to its guns with this iteration, but can it recapture the strategic depth of its predecessors?
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Star Wars Battlefront's Walker Assault mode to be changed because it's "too tough"


The Star Wars Battlefront beta was a lot of fun, especially once I dove into the Walker Assault mode, a 40-player recreation of the Battle of Hoth. (And super-especially whenstuff like this happens.) I couldn't help but notice, however, that the Empire tended to win—a lot—and while that accurately reflects the outcome of the "real" battle in The Empire Strikes Back, quite a number of players weren't happy about it.

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